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Don't Let Dad Down!

Uh oh. It’s that time of year again. Time to search for gifts for the most difficult to buy for people on the planet: Dads. You can’t get him a new wallet, you’ve done that for the last three years. A new toolbox seems more suitable for Christmas, and if you just get him a card you know your sister will turn up with something incredibly thoughtful and heartfelt, just to make you look bad. It seems impossible to figure out. A real challenge. Some might even say…a puzzle?

Thank goodness you have us. We here at No Escape have the perfect gift opportunities for fathers everywhere. Choose any of our seven escape rooms and provide Dear Ol’ Dad with up to an hour of fun puzzles to immerse himself in. Better yet is that it is a gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family which earns you double points for thoughtfulness. Take that Susan.

Growing up, my Dad had a habit of ordering four quarts of firewood to be delivered during family holidays. We would then spend the next few hours stacking the firewood by the side of the house, trying to persuade him that we should take a break for lunch. Even when he had his appendix removed, we had to spend most of our time convincing him to stay in bed and recover rather than keep busy with tasks around the house. How I wish we had something fun to distract and keep him busy with during those times.

But you don’t have to wish. You have us. So what are you waiting for? Get your Father’s Day Escape Room booked while games are still available. As an extra treat; if you slip your Game Host £20, they’ll provide you with all the answers to make you look good in front of your family and have your Dad finally say he’s proud of you.*

Follow the link below to book your game now. Happy Father’s Day!

*Editor’s Note: We here at No Escape London do not accept bribes for providing answers to the puzzles ahead of the game. Nor can we guarantee any feeling and/or expressions of positive emotions including (but not limited to) pride from any parental figure. We apologize for the author’s transgression. He has been reprimanded appropriately.

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