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Welcome to No Escape - London's Largest Escape Room Company!

Welcome to No Escape, London’s Largest Escape Room Company with 7 Award winning games in London bringing heart racing thrills and mind engaging mysteries!

When it came to creating our escape rooms we wanted to build a truly immersive experience that means players are lost in our world as soon as step foot into our No Escape venues. At No Escape we know that the Escape Room experience is like no other so we created our rooms with a unique set of storylines which put you at the heart of our games, combined with our captivating sound effects and a brilliant set of supervisors you are bound to love your time spent with us and you’ll soon see why we’re the Largest Escape Room Company in London.

Check out one of our amazing games and get the full No Escape Experience!


The Butcher - Your specialist team have been hired to investigate the disappearance of the butcher’s daughter but when you find his 2nd workshop things start to get very interesting!

The Haunted Toy Store - An abandoned toy store looms over an otherwise charming village and people tell stories of weird noises, strange happenings and children going missing.


The Breakout - Your Boss has been sent to prison and you and your team will have to break him out of Hornsey Underground Prison with the help of an internal post officer! He sent you an important message but the time is not on your side so you'd better act quick.

The Killer - You've been invited to watch tonight's premiere but it’s not a coincidence that you're the only ones in the cinema. Before the movie starts you pass out and the next thing you know you awake in a dark cell with a creepy message on the wall.

Oxford Street

The Dentist - Terrible secrets are hidden all over this practice and you'll have to get your teeth into what the dentist is keeping from everyone.

The Demon Barber - Mrs. Lovett's shop is doing better than ever and customers pour through the door for a taste of her "secret ingredient", you decide to go undercover and find out what makes her pies so special!


The Darkest Hour - intercepted communications suggest an unknown terrorists group have activated a nuclear device rigged to blow London from existence. Your team has been sent to the Effra Social to investigate the location and try to determine if there is indeed an active device at the location.

Many mysteries await so waste no time and get down to No Escape today!

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